Welcome to Tulsa Little League! We offer baseball (coed), girls softball and special needs baseball (challenger) leagues. All players are required to register individually.

Did you know your player can play with friends, simply list the friends on the registration form where we ask and also let those friends know to sign up.

Your player can request to play with other players that attend their school by letting us know the school name. This is entirely based on other players also signing up to play and a coach named for the school team.

In Little League, your player can return to the same team by putting the team name or coach name on the registration.

Finally, payment must be completed to register the player. Once a player is registered, Tulsa Little League does not offer a full refund as the registration and league operations cost us to process and allocate for the registered players.

Click on the links below to register your player.




A school team can be formed by a representative completing the TEAM DRAFT FORM using link below. Schools are encouraged to play on teams with other student friends and familiar faces.

Returning Little League teams must complete the TEAM DRAFT FORM using the link below. Players from a previous season can return to the same team. The team manager or head coach will need to complete the form and all players will still need to register individually.

New coaches must complete the TEAM DRAFT FORM! The team draft form tells us who you are and which players you can indicate for your team. Sometimes this is only your player but we still must identify your team and then draft players onto your team to fill the roster.